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Charitable giving

Charitable giving can be done in many ways. Watch this video to learn more.

Your most valuable asset

Sometimes, what matters most to us isn't protected. Or if it is, it might not be enough.

Sandra's story

Though most of us know someone who has suffered from a critical illness, we don't think it can happen to us. Sandra was one of those people, until she was diagnosed with lymphoma.

Let's talk about your goals.

Talking with your partner about your financial future is an important first step; you need to be able to communicate to an advisor where you’re starting from and what your goals are.

5 Keys to Successfully Leading a Family Business

Family businesses are most definitely worth it – how to keep the family engaged and grow the business with the next generation and perhaps the one after that one too.

Exciting news! #mycanadalife

As the corporate changes evolve and take hold we are still here for you providing personalized financial planning that suits your needs and goals.

Ontario launches plan to teach high school kids financial skills

As a mother of teen daughters the value of learning financial literacy early in life is certainly a lesson I support and promote. Let’s give our children a fighting chance to be as debt free as possible or at the very least educated on how to manage their finances. To also see the value of working with a financial advisor